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Our Mission
Equipping the African American Woman For a Lifetime of Purpose

The Blend Talk Show is a transformational web-based television talk show focused on helping African American women identify and resolve their unspoken needs and real-life issues so that they can achieve holistic health, enrich their spirit, mind, and body, and ultimately live meaningfully.

You for Destiny.

The Blend Talk Show empowers you to live holistically by cohesively balancing your physical, mental, and spiritual makeup, and restoring you on the path that leads to the greatness you were destined for.

Live the Life
God Has Called You To.

Learn from people who have walked the path and tap into insight that can elevate your spirit, mind, and body.

Discover. Apply. Become.

Join the conversation as we provide candid, practical advice on contemporary issues, such as faith, health, fitness, relationships, family, life-work balance, and other lifestyle topics. Sign up for our newsletter.

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    © Copyright 2021 The Blend Talk. All rights reserved.

    © Copyright 2021 The Blend Talk. All rights reserved.