General FAQ

Q. What is The Blend Talk?

A. The Blend is an inspirational new online talk show that debuted in Fall 2018. The weekly hour-long episodes are hosted by a panel of accomplished African-American women who explore the means to heal spirit, mind and body. Knowledgeable healthcare experts themselves, they welcome guests with information on a range of topics.

Q. How did the web series come about?

A. In an earlier incarnation, The Blend was called The Lady Doctors. The creator of both series, LaVonda P. Rouse, came up with the concept after facing a serious health crisis herself. At the time, she prayed for an African American woman doctor to perform her surgery because “I wanted a physician with cultural competency,” said Rouse. Given her entertainment background, she sought to create a show that was a mix between The Doctors and The View, “with black women experts as hosts so they could deal with issues germane to us.”

Q. Who are the hosts?

A. The Blend Talk features three African American female wellness experts, Spiritual Life Coach Jewel Diamond Taylor, Psychologist Dr. Karen McGibbon and Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Lisa Lewis — the perfect team to help one elevate their spirit, mind, and body into the ideal blend.

Q: What are some of the special segments on the show?

A: During the show, we are sure you will find a topic that you can easily relate to as well as learn. With that said, some of our segments are as follows:

  • Courageous Conversation- The lead host welcomes viewers to the show and gives a definition of ‘spirit-mind-body.’ And the other hosts join in to briefly discuss the show’s topic.
  • N. E. M.A. (Nutrition, Exercise, Meditation, Attitude)

Expert guests will talk about one of these categories as it relates to the episode’s topic, in a pre-packaged segment, followed by a recap by all three hosts and a list of practical action points for the viewers.


  • Blender’s View

All three hosts will interview one of the viewers, a “Blender,” to talk about his/her experience with the Episode’s topic, and how she/he addressed and overcame it using the spirit-mind-body perspective.

  • Inhale/Exhale

Hosts discuss their favorite parts of the show, partake in an Inhale/Exhale exercise.

Q: Who is executive producer/creator LaVonda P. Rouse?

A: The executive producer of The Blend Talk, LaVonda P. Rouse is an Independent producer/content creator and a woman with a deep faith in God. She sees the show as her ministry. Although she is perceived as the boss on set, she named her company Collaborative Effort Entertainment because she enjoys collaborating with other talents who are also at the top of their game. Rouse is also charged with securing investors; moving the project from concept to fruition, and putting together a team to make The Blend Talk as powerful and relevant as it can possibly be.

Q: Why is the show geared towards Black women?

A: Rouse is committed to creating and developing transformational content for Black women, so they can learn from their history and blaze new trails. “I needed to bring black women to the forefront because we’ve been conditioned in American society to see everyone as an authority but black women,” said inspiring Rouse. “If we are not in top positions, not visible, and don’t have a voice that can be heard, we get lost.”

Q: When and where can we watch The Blend Talk?

A: “You can catch The Blend Talk every Wednesday at 4pm PST 7pm EST and streaming on our Facebook page:, as well as affirmedtv and networks to be announced.

Q: How can I get on the show?

A: If you have a great story to tell or useful advice that will benefit our audience, contact us at

Q: How can I follow you on social media?

A: We are available on the following platforms:

Facebook: TheBlendTalkShow

Instagram: @TheBlendTalk

Twitter: @TheBlendTalk


Visit us on social networks:

Visit us on social networks:

© Copyright 2021 The Blend Talk. All rights reserved.

© Copyright 2021 The Blend Talk. All rights reserved.